Songs for both  KG2/KG3 :  




tete epaules genoux pieds ( head shoulder knees and toes) 

 Challenge: move around and touch your head shoulder knees and toes as you sing!  


Meunier tu dors 

Frère Jacques 

Petit escargot 


KG2 challenge:  do you remember your French colours? Check and watch this video to help you 




KG3 only :  (songs above + this) 

Comment ca va? (How are you) : Ca va bien? ca va mal ? comme ci comme ca?


Challenge KG3 = do you remember what is un ‘petit escargot’ in French?  

un elephant qui se balancait :  (the elephant song!)  

 Combien d ’elephants ?…how many elephants were there at the end?  

Que s’est-il passe? What happens at the end of the song? Pourquoi/ why?  

*KG3= numbers! Try to sing along the numbers song!