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Marble run homework

Marble Run STEAM project

Dear P4 students, You have until Monday the 27th of February to post a mini video of a marble run you have made at home. You should use the cardboard rolls you have been gathering for the past few weeks. You can also make tubes by rolling and sellotaping card if needed. Your aim is to make a path for a marble to run down by sticking the tubes to a wall or door or surface which you are allowed to use by your parents. Please do ask their permission before doing this! My advice would be to use masking tape if possible. Use a cup or container at the end to catch the marble. How long can you make it? Can you make the marble run down slowly? Post a video of your marble run. Please either tell me in the video or write a comment to me telling me how you found the project. Was it easy or tricky? Did you enjoy it? Were there parts where it didn't work and you had to adjust it? Tell me anything that you think is interesting! I look forward to watching these very much. Happy engineering, Ms Macnab

Sample Homework
What the teacher thought
What the pupils thought afterwards
How was it for parents

Science will now part of students homework from 3rd-6th with another project Planned for May

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