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Near Future 2024

Future of committees.

Our plan is to form a children's STEM committee similar to the green schools.. From time to time we would plan for the teacher's and or the parent's committee to meet and discuss the Curious Minds framework for enquiry with the children. We have already seen the children questioning if an activity is a fair test. (2nd class children noticing that during a insulation lesson that if you fill 6 bottles of hot water, that the 6th bottle has an advantage over the first, as it starts to cool immediately)

Maths Equipment

We will continue to develop and review our new maths equipment over 2023-24. This will be with all teachers and age groups

Science- Electricity

We feel that we can improve our understanding and lesson creating, regards to the use of circuits and leading to electronics. 

Our starting point will be "squishy circuits" for infants’ classes and up to sustainable (Wind-Solar) and effects of climate change.

In most cases this will be hands on science

Renewable Energy.
Solar Panels.

Solar panels have arrived and tested on the ground. 

We are now working with health and safety  to mount the

panels on a roof and run wiring in a safe way for all.

We will use panels to charge Chromebooks and excess charge will go to the back up 12V battery..

Wind Power

Following on from our talk from Ben Ralph from Mainstream Renewable Power, we have agreed that he will visit us again maybe in September and get the P6 class looking at more ways to understand and build small wind turbines

Smart Dunlaoghaire

We have a talk organised from Smart Dun Laoghaire in May.

"As coastal towns become increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change'".

Our aim, to develop a relationship here and be part of this project.

Chat GTP

Following on from our talk by Marissa from Accenture, it would be remiss not to have a plan or be aware of the pros and cons of chat GTP. Basically you enter a question (prompt and get an answer). 12 children in 5 & 6th class had accounts or had used it with their parents.

prompt-stem plan


A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) plan is a framework or strategy for incorporating STEM education into a school or organization's curriculum. A STEM plan typically includes the following elements:


Goals and objectives: The plan should identify clear goals and objectives for STEM education, such as increasing student engagement, improving STEM proficiency, or closing achievement gaps.


Curriculum and instruction: The plan should outline a comprehensive STEM curriculum that integrates STEM content with real-world problem-solving skills and inquiry-based learning approaches.


Professional development: The plan should provide ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers to develop their STEM content knowledge and instructional skills.


Resources and partnerships: The plan should identify and leverage resources and partnerships to support STEM education, such as community organizations, industry partnerships, and grants.


Evaluation and assessment: The plan should include an evaluation and assessment framework to measure the effectiveness of the STEM program and make data-driven improvements.

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