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Message in a Bottle

By Fiadh ÓFoghlú.

This is in no way historically accurate apart from cowboys being in the Wild West.

One day in the scorching hot desert sun of the Wild West of America, a young crime-fighting man named Bill rode on his massive black stallion Bucky, with his puppy- dog trotting beside them to an isolated town. The town was named “Dead Heart Ville.” Bill tied his horse to the hitching post outside the cantina. He strode into the local cantina with his faithful dog Rex, the horse’s head was sticking in through the window watching over his owner. A man named Hop-Along was playing a jaunty tune on the piano.

Bill sat down on a stool at the bar. “Gimme a shot.” He said. “Of milk.” Bill had a strong Western accent. The owner of the bar was a man named Fred. He had a big black perfectly-combed moustache and he was wearing a blue shirt and beige trousers. “What brings you to Dead Heart ville, stranger?” Bill said “I’m here to apply for the Sheriff job.” “Great. You’re hired!” said Fred happily. Under his breath Fred muttered “This town could use some rules.”

Bill told of his adventures of dare-doing and everyone in the cantina was fascinated, they did not want to miss a word. “Wow!” squeaked Dennis. “You must be the bravest cowboy in the Wild West!” “Actually...” boomed a voice, the man’s shadow blocked out most of the sunlight in the cantina “I’m the bravest cowboy in the whole Wild West.”

Suddenly everyone in the cantina froze in terror, their faces had a look of unspeakable horror. The man strode into the cantina holding a big black whip. There were two men who had been playing checkers but the man got out his whip and violently whipped the board off the table. He walked up to the counter and whipped Bill’s glass of milk off the counter, smashing it into hundreds of pieces. “So you think you’re the bravest cowboy in the whole Wild West” he said. The stranger paused for a moment, “Sheriff?” Then he spat.

Bill raised an eyebrow. He had no idea who this mighty stranger was but he sensed danger. “You don’t scare me” answered Bill. Bill got off his stool, walked out of the cantina followed by his faithful dog, and then he mounted his horse. Just before Bucky was about to walk off the stranger reached for his gun and shot into the air. Bucky went berserk and he galloped off with Bill clinging onto his mane for dear life! As Rex sprinted alongside Bucky, Bill grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and put him into his bag, with just Rex’s little head sticking out. Bill was clining onto Bucky for at least four hours until Bucky suddenly stopped. Bill went head over heels and landed on his forearm and glass. He passed out with the pain. He realised that he had smashed a bottle, there was a note near it. The message inside it read

“Meet me in the town centre for a fight at high noon today. No guns just fists. Signed by Dead Heart Joe.”


Bill racked his brain trying to think who was Dead Heart Joe. The pain in his forearm was excruciating. He was thinking for a good solid ten minutes. Finally he realised who Dead Heart Joe was, it was the stranger in the cantina. Dead Heart Joe ran the town!

“Hello!” came a voice. It had a heavy Western twang, just like Bill’s voice. Bill turned around to see someone whose face he remembered from the cantina. The man was on a snow-white horse. The horse was large but not nearly as large as Bucky.”Who are you?” enquired Bill. “I’m Mike but they call me Spike” replied the man. “Why do they call you Spike?” asked Bill. “Because of my hair” answered Spike. He removed his traditional cowboy hat to reveal a spikey head of hair. “I got to get back to the town” said Bill. “How on Earth will I get there by today? It took me so long to get away.” Spike said “Oh that’s simple. Just mount your horse and I’ll take care of it.”

Bill mounted Bucky and suddenly Spike took out his gun and fired it in the air. The noise terrified the two horses, they went insane and galloped towards the town. Within three hours they were back in Dead Heart Ville.

They arrived at high noon. It was time for the fight. Bill and Joe stood five metres apart. “May the best man win” said Bill. Joe launched himself at Bill. There were fists flying everywhere. After twenty minutes Joe punched Bill in the face and Bill fell back onto the dusty ground. Joe sprinted away and mounted his horse. Bill later learnt the horse was called The Grey Terror! Then Bill mounted Bucky as fast as the speed of light. The horses galloped as fast as their legs could carry them. They stopped at a large ravine. For another ten minutes it was fists flying again. 

Finally Dead Heart Joe was on the ground, Bill picked him up and threw him over the ravine. When Dead Heart was falling, at the last moment he drew his gun and shot Bill in his arm. Bill passed out, he woke up back in town in a bed with a bandage around his arm. Spike was sitting restlessly on a chair. When he saw Bill wake up he did a little dance of joy. He took Bill outside and told him to stand on a platform in the town square. There was something covered with red fabric. Fred the bar-tender arrived at the scene. “Bill” he said. “The entire town wants to thank you for saving us from that no-good Dead Heart. In fact we were so grateful that we melted down Dead Heart’s gold and made this for you.” He pulled off the red sheet to reveal a statue of Bill and Bucky with Rex at Bucky’s feet. Bill made a speech- “Thank you everyone, the statue is truly amazing, the town is truly amazing, all you people are truly amazing. I have decided to re-name this town back to its original name of Dustville!” Everybody was thrilled. Bill said “I am happy that the town of Dustville is free at last!”

Message in a bottle


On one sunny and bright morning while on holiday in Zanzibar, Olivia and her mother Candice had planned to spend a day on the beach.  They had breakfast, packed their swimming costumes, sun creams and headed to the beach. When they got there, Candice went to find the best spot to put their stuff while Olivia went to walk by the sea and collect sea shells.


Arabella who was also on holiday with her father was already at the beach. Arabella left her dad to also go by the sea. She also liked collecting sea-shells and picking up litter. Arabella was an activist against pollution.


The two girls accidentally bumped into each other.  

They realized that they looked the same.  They couldn’t believe their eyes. Olivia said “we must be identical twins!’’.  How was that possible? They knew that they were adopted but they didn’t know that they were born as twins.  Their parents heard the screaming and sounds of laughter and came rushing to see what was happening. They celebrated that the twins had found each other.





Suddenly, Arabella saw a big bottle by the beach. She did not approve of littering.  She picked it up and realized it was not litter.  It was a message in a bottle. It had a letter. The girls carefully opened the bottle, took out the letter and read it out loud together.  It was instructions to find a treasure on island Zanzibar and it was worth millions of Euros! 


The girls and their parents started searching for this treasure.  They looked on the first day but they couldn’t find anything.  They came back the next day.  They kept looking and when they were losing hope, they found it. Millions of Euros packed in a case. 


The twins didn’t want to be separated ever again so they decided that they would build or buy a house and live together.  With the money they had found they bought a house big enough for a family of four.


Arabella donated some of the money to charities that take care of animals and the environment.

Their parents got married and they lived happily ever after as an instant family.

The end!

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