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Amber Flag


We have received our first amber flag and Smile Club is just up and running this term.



How does this align with Amber Flag objectives? 

Weaving well-being program 

Past and present -All classes are working through the weaving well-being program with their own teachers. This helps children work towards positive mental health and enhances general well-being. 

Mindfulness Mondays 

Current- The children do mindfulness colouring and listen to mindfulness music or meditation. This allows the children to take time out of their class and practice breathing techniques. reduce the negative effects of stress and increase students' ability to stay engaged, helping them stay on track academically and avoid behaviour problems. 

Walking Wednesdays 

Current- The children get out for a walk before school starts, to stretch their legs and get some fresh air- to start the day off right! 

Yoga Thursdays  

Current- The children took part in four weeks of yoga practice which was great for improving physical and mental health, enhancing memory, better concentration, and reducing stress and anxiety. 

Feel Good Fridays 

Music every Friday Morning to give everybody “that Friday feeling”. Music helps to relax the mind, it elevates the children's mood and reduces stress. 

Committee members  

Amani Borretti 

Liam Fassina  

Neil Sun 

Sibeal Ryan 

Elodie Robb 

Jessica Kelly 

Sophie Moylan 

Catherine Waldron 

Lucy Suttle 

Jacqueline Kelly -teacher 

Jodi Holden- teacher 

Benefits of participating in the Amber Flag initiative:

·        Raised the profile of mental health and how important that is.

·        Give children strategies that they could use to help with their mental health.

·        Having the confidence to talk about their own mental health. By having these

 discussions now we hope that children will go on to have the confidence to talk

about their own mental health and ask for help if they feel they need it. We hope

that it will help with the stigma that surrounds mental health.


Final Comment:

We really enjoyed taking part in this initiative. The children have learnt different strategies that we

feel they will be able to take with them and use to promote their own mental health. We hope that

 by having the conversations with children now they will be able to continue these conversations

and if they are experiencing difficult times that will have the confidence to ask for help. It is important

 that we deal with the stigma that surrounds asking for help when it comes to our mental health.

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