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Make a machine

Science-Engineering Assignment

Task: Design and make one of the following simple machines:

  • Inclined plane

  • Wheel and axle

  • Wedge

  • Screw

  • Lever

  • Pulley


Your project must include the following:

  • A labelled drawing of your design on A4 paper

  • A description of your machine, stating what materials you used, how you made it and what you can use your machine for. Include at least three other examples of how this type of machine is used in everyday life. 

Your description should be on a separate A4 size page, typed (size 12 font) or handwritten with paragraphs.

  • You must present and demonstrate your working model in class.

Your assignment must be complete and in school on Monday 13th March.

Your assignment will be included as part of your Summer Science test.

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