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Living things.  Junior infants


April 14th

May 17th


We started the Big Grow project on Wednesday 14 April.From seed we planted 4 different things, salad leaves, radishes, spinach and beetroot.

The salad leaves grew quickly and they were ready to eat in 3 weeks after planting.

The spinach germinated within 7 to 10 days and we had little baby leaves of spinach after 4 weeks.

The beetroot sprouted leaves after 2 weeks and has grown lovely purple stems.

The radishes were very successful.In just 1 month they were ready to eat.They were easy and quick to grow.

On Monday 17 May, just over a month after planting, we decided to measure our plants, using the little bricks we do our sums with.I asked the class which plant they thought had grown the tallest.

They observed the plants and said the salad leaves and the radishes.

Here are our conclusions:

Salad leaves

Nora  7 bricks tall

Megan 6 bricks

Aisling  6 bricks

Suzie   4 bricks

Naomi  2 bricks, because it fell on the floor.


Kathy  6 bricks tall

Naomi  5 bricks

Isla  4 bricks

Francesca  4 bricks

Alice  0 bricks.Her beetroot did not grow because there was a leak in her container, no water.


Ellie 7 bricks tall

Kathy  7 bricks

Isla 5 bricks

Aisling  4 bricks

Alice  4 bricks

Eliza  4 bricks


Isabel  7 bricks tall

Nora  4 bricks

Francesca  4 bricks

Eliza  4 bricks


We added the 4 tallest of each group, as guessed, the Salad leaves and the radishes were the tallest.

Salad leaves  23 bricks

Radishes   23 bricks

Beetroot  19 bricks

Spinach   19 bricks.


The class really enjoyed the planting and growing activities and they have learned a good deal about the different plants.

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