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School Surveys and Plans.

The following plans was formulated from the surveys.

Teacher committee was formed with Principal, Stem lead and 2 staff  members.

Parent committee was formed with Principal, stem lead and 2 female and 3 male parents.

During engineers week the committee members were instrumental in organising outside speakers to talk to all classes and promote STEM from 1st-6th classes.. This was also included in parents-Friday newsletter and via school LinkedIn  ( click link )

From the teacher committee we are reviewing the maths equipment for all age groups and abilities. A list is almost complete and we will be approaching the parents association to organise a fund raiser before the summer holidays.

From the Parents survey we found that 50% of parents knowledge of their children's science came from the science book and also that 89% of parents said then Science home work was a great idea.

From this we decided to pilot Stem homework with 4th class first.

Homework assignment was placed on seesaw and children were given 3 weeks notice to collect bits and pieces for the assignment. On the designated week they completed a marble run with parent help in different ways( mostly the video recording).

The experiment was done, recorded and uploaded to Seesaw.

We then recorded video of the children, teacher and 2 parents on

how it went and if we could improve in future. ( click link)

Similar homework was given to 5th and 6th class.

6th class made a robot hand  at home and brought to school.

5th class were given a choice of options, to make a machine and to bring to school. They also has to present their machines to all classes in a show and tell exhibition. ( click link)

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